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Adopt-a-Bat Program

The Adopt-A-Bat Program will help to raise funds for maintenance and equipment needed for NCKRI’s Bat Roost.

NCKRI is the first building in the world to incorporate a bat roost as part of its design. The roost will be carefully monitored by NCKRI along with a team of bat biologists to better understand the needs of bats in general, of the specific species that will occupy the roost, as well as to produce superior artificial roosts. Bats have visited the NCKRI roost since it was installed in 2009, but ongoing construction has discouraged them from moving in. Now that things are settling down around the new NCKRI building, there is a good chance the bats are going to move in.

With a $25.00 donation, you can adopt a bat. Your adoption will include: Certificate of Adoption, educational information about the Bat Roost and Bat, and your very own JellyCat “Barty the Bat.” For more information about NCKRI’s Adopt-A-Bat Program, please contact NCKRI's Advancement Director at 575-628-2702 or by e-mail at

Included in your adoption:

• Official certificate of adoption

• Educational Information on the NCKRI Bat Roost and Bats

• Jellycats “Barty Bat”

• Invitation to NCKRI’s Annual Bat Fest


Proceeds from NCKRI’s Adopt-a-Bat Program benefit NCKRI’s Bat Roost and Bat Research project.