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Explore! Discover! Understand!

  • Cave And Karst Studies Student Experiences The Extreme Air Tempreature Of Cueva De Los Cristales
  • Cave Entance With Ancient Art - NCKRI 2011
  • Fossil In An Appalacian Mt. Cave - Photo © NCKRI 2011
  • Karst Landscape Austin TX- Photo © NCKRI 2011
  • Research - Photo © NCKRI 2011
  • Stock Photo For Research
  • Field Instruction During USFS Bat Acoustical Monitoring Workshop
  • Young Myotis Velifer
  • Determining Species
  • Pallad's Big Ears
  • Fringed Myotis
  • Batwalk Along The Pecos River

From the intertwined passages of innerspace to the majestic beauty of karst landscapes, your journey to understand these diverse resources begins here. Check in frequently as we build our online learning center.

All photos © 2011 NCKRI.