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Increasing awareness and inspiring stewardship.
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About the NCKRI Education Program

NCKRI’s educational programs increase people’s perception, awareness, and knowledge of caves and karst. We invite you to join us in learning and educating the world about these complex systems and their most precious resources.

Karst Spring, Mexico - NCKRI 2011

NCKRI Education

Research, education, and stewardship are important components of the NCKRI’s vision. When the US Congress initiated NCKRI in 1998, it did so with a direct mandate for public education. NCKRI’s mandate requires a broad spectrum of education.

NCKRI’s Education department consists of

  • • Cave and Karst Studies at New Mexico Tech,
  • • Cave and Karst Museum,
  • • i-CAVER, and
  • • Outreach.

NCKRI’s education efforts will increase awareness of caves and karst through programs that will inspire the careful and responsible stewardship of caves and karst. NCKRI accomplishes this by developing projects and through collaboration.


Check back to this Education Section often. As we develop this site, we will be adding additional resources for educators, internship and continuing education opportunities, curriculum links and information, as well as volunteer opportunities.